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Ease of Production

There can be no more stressful time than the time spent on a shoot location.  Split Film Productions likes to remove that stress and make the process of filming as smooth and enjoyable as it should be.

Challenges always appear on set.  It could bethe constant challenge of weather like rain or extreme heat, to the not so obvious like talent that runs 90 minutes late or a promised internet connection for upload that is missing. Regardless of what crops up, the shoot must
The best part about production time is that it means your project is finally getting off the ground.  The meetings, the Kickstarters, the endless emails waiting for approval, all that and more are finally behind you.  Once you and your team arrive on set with our crew, talent, and equipment, it's time to turn your vision into reality.  Let Split Film Productions and the industry professionals we collaborate with work to make your project exactly how you imaged it.

go on.  There's always other locations to film when weather arrives, other shots to get before the talent gets on set, and with mobile hotspots and the nearby coffee shop for wifi, the upload can go on, even if it is a little slower.  The point is that creative, fast-paced thinking keeps productions running on time and on budget.

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