Video Gallery

Watch some of our most recent works.  Some of these pieces were filmed by us, others were edited by us, and some of these works were complete end-to-end Split FIlm productions.  Please send us your comments and questions about our past projects.  We'd love to hear what you have to say.  

AShore Thing Highlight Video

Client: Michigan Avenue Magazine

World Polio Day 2013

Client: Livestream

Santa for the Very Poor

Client: Kinzie Street Studios

Che Malambo

Client: Chicago Human Rhythm Project

if you see... short film

Client: Cusimano Films

U.S. Design House Kickstarter Video

Client: U.S. Design House

Essex Inn Breast Cancer Support

Client: Essex Inn Chicago

Wine Channel Awards 2013

Client: Internet Streaming Solutions

Bloomingdale Trail Construction

Client: self project