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Pre-production and production are important, but nothing can make or break a project like the post-production.  A well edited film can make a dull topic exciting, while poor quality editing can ruin even the best ideas.  Split FIlm Productions prides itself on it's creative and technical editing abilities.


Do you have a timelapse you want to assemble, but recorded it on a closed-circuit security system DVR?  Are you filming a complex, motion-controlled video and want to see how the effect looks while on set?  Is your filming location a tent in the middle of a park, and is that shoot on a very tight timeframe?  If you answered yes to any of those scenarios, I've already worked with you.  If this sounds like one of

Editing is our strength

your upcoming projects, or if you have an even wilder proposal, we'd love to hear it and work with you on it.


We've edited in an RV, on a plane, but not in a boat, so if you have a marine shoot coming up, make sure to give us a ring so we may cross that off our editorial bucket list.


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